About Us

Welcome to Golden Eyes Golden Eyes is considered as one of the most important companies in the field of import and export in the Middle East, due to its old presence in the Egyptian and Arabian markets since its beginning in 2005, and also because of serving a wide customer network all over the world which exceeded 35,000 customers. Golden Eyes is dealing in more than 21 different items between spare parts, clothing, biodiesel oil… and so many. As our main objective is to leverage our customer satisfaction, we can insure that our items are meeting the high quality standards. And we do care about our customers and as we are very keen to maintain good relations with our customers, we offer our customer a variety of payment options. Our vision is to take the lead in the field of importing and exporting, in addition to get involved in the field of home and building solutions by partnering with a reputable entity which has a well known record in the field of IT and home automation systems .